Responsible Travel

Peruvian soul believes that Sustainable Tourism is nowadays one of the fundamental
strategies of growth for our country because it offers an alternative for socioeconomic
development, which is very attractive and causes low environmental impact.

We firmly believe that any entrepreneurship in Tourism must take place under the
 guidelines of environmental, social and cultural sustainability, therefore, ensuring the protection
and sensible exploitation of our vast natural patrimony, as well as the integration and development of the diverse communities and peoples of our country.

Based on this awareness we have proposed a series of policies that allow us to align ourselves with our ideals. 

Sustainability in Peruvian Soul

Ecological Materials: Always seeking to minimize the quantity of waste, PERUVIAN SOUL uses recycled, biodegradable or returnable materials as much as possible in the work office as well as during our trips and other operations.

Energy Utilization:  Constantly committed with the reduction of consumption and the efficient use of energy, PERUVIAN SOUL attempts to use natural sources of energy in their working environment.

Water Consumption:  Being aware of the current problems of water scarcity, PERUVIAN SOUL attempts to minimize its consumption and avoid its waste in the work office, as well as, during our programs.

Transport: PERUVIAN SOUL, attempts to reduce their ecological footprint giving preference to the most ecological transport during their programs, as well as reducing the unnecessary consumption of fuel.

Conservation of our Patrimony: Aware of the fragility of our natural and cultural patrimony, PERUVIAN SOUL attempts to minimize the impact caused by our passengers on the environments we visit and also to raise awareness of the local problems and the importance of respect towards the patrimony and the local cultures.

Our social commitment

Security: The Company commits to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the passengers, as well as the communities they visit through safety procedures in case of accidents, illness, robbery, evacuations, constantly monitoring that the equipment used is in good conditions and that it constantly receives the necessary maintenance, as well as periodically evaluating the possible risk of the activities that take place during our trips.

Social impact management: With the aim of facilitating the development of the visited communities, the programs of PERUVIAN SOUL respect the local beliefs and traditional values. Moreover, they attempt to integrate them in the activities that take place in their environment. The company prioritizes the hiring of local guides and suppliers and encourages the consumption of regional products.

Social reward: As a part of our policies to reward and thank the communities in which we operate, once a year we carry out a social activity. In this activity we count with the participation of children with whom we play games and share snakes and hot chocolate. Additionally, we take gifts for the children who have previously been registered and finally we leave a donation of school materials. 

Our human resources

Motivation of the Personnel: With the purpose of maintaining our personnel highly motivated and committed to the company, PERUVIAN SOUL maintains an organized horizontal structure, encouraging the active participation of everyone in the campaign, delegating responsibilities, encouraging creativity and innovation. Additionally, PERUVIAN SOUL attempts to incentive their personnel to travel and explore constantly our country giving them facilities and flexible timetables.

Social and Environmental Sensibility: Every member of PERUVIAN SOUL, regardless their position or salary, understand and are committed to the social and environmental policies of the company, as well as its vocation to serve and passion for our country.

Our suppliers

One of the top priority aspects taken into account when choosing our suppliers is that they share our philosophy of social and environmental respect, guaranteeing in this way high quality standards and professionalism in all their operations.

Our services

Service Customization: PERUVIAN SOUL maintains a clear, friendly and constant communication with all their clients with the purpose of always offering a customized and quality treatment as well as programs adjusted to their specific needs.

Emphasis on the Quality of the Service: The company commits to select products that have the highest quality, design programs according to the needs of the clients and provide their services in an effective and efficient way.

Constant Improvement: The constant feedback and evaluation of our services form an important part of the procedures the company undertakes to constantly improve the quality of our activities. 

Our operations

Operative Honesty: The information provided by the company must be truthful and must be constantly updated, avoiding false expectations and answering to the service quality standards.

Participation of the Communities: The Company encourages in every possible way, the inclusion of the communities and the services they offer in the trip programs and the activities designed.

Less is more: We aim to have groups of 12 passengers or less. In case this size is exceeded, if it is within our possibilities, additional guides will be assigned to manage the groups; in this way, we assure that everyone receives a customized and quality service. 

Our business ethics

Legal Commitment: PERUVIAN SOUL complies with all the government laws, rules and regulations. The company is properly registered as a tour operator and has all the permits, licenses and faculties to offer tourism services on a national level.

Our Values: We have the purpose of providing touristic services of high quality based on the highest human values: honesty, professionalism, respect, empathy and solidarity.

Protection of our Heritage: We respect and protect our national heritage, our local cultures and we support the initiatives the communities have of sustainable development. We respect their cultural integrity, beliefs and values and we invite our clients to be part of this.