Why Peruvian Soul

Peruvian Soul is a young inbound tour operator company founded to fulfill a dream:
to share the best of Peru with travelers from all over the World, providing the most
authentic experiences with a high level of service. 

We operate innovative and unique programs throughout Peru with our main office
located in Lima (Calle Esperanza 184 int. 308 Miraflores).
We invite you to explore our website and get inspired with some of the proposed sample itineraries.

Why Peruvian Soul?

We focus all our energy on five core values:

Innovation – Creative programs providing the most authentic experiences

Traveler Satisfaction – 5 years exceeding customer expectations

Local Expertise – Local guides sharing their inside knowledge on each destination

Comfort & Safety – Itineraries designed considering high safety and quality standards 

Responsible Tourism – Committed to protect the cultural and natural wealth of our country

What we do?

Our Vision - Inspire the world to explore Peru

Our Goal - Become the leading inbound tour operator in Peru, providing the most innovative products of the market

Our Mission- Enrich the classic Peruvian destinations with active journeys and off-the-beaten-track adventures

Our Team

Our guides

Peruvian Soul only works with certified local guides whose knowledge enhances the experience of our travelers. Our guides have the joy of introducing travelers to their favorite regions, incredible people and hidden spots that would be impossible to find on your own. We can proudly say all of our guides have a very good command of the English language and some of them also speak fluently German, French or Italian. Our guides have beeen trained in an environment of care and have a strong commitment to the preservation of the places and cultures we visit.

Our travel specialist

Our travel specialists strive on planning every detail of a trip assuring an  authentic and memorable experience. They take care of every aspect of a trip from selecting the right itinerary to providing support throughout your entire journey. The goal of our travel specialist is to provide top notch service from the first contact until the traveler returns home.

To contact a travel specialist please write to: info@peruviansoul.com

A few words from the company founders

Diego Zimmermann

I have traveled to many amazing places in the World; however my passion is my country. I like to get lost in far away towns and deeply explore the country discovering natural and cultural treasures. Traveling is an essential part of my life; it is the art of stimulating the senses when you touch, see, smell, taste and feel new experiences. I enjoy traveling much more when sharing with others. Personally, each new trip is an opportunity to get in touch with new friends, with nature and with myself; is a moment of reflection in which we will not just discover and enjoy beautiful destinations but as a process of self-discovery.  No matter the path you decide to choose, never forget that what matters is not the final destination but to appreciate the little gifts that you will find along the route.

Contact me: dzimmermann@peruviansoul.com

My favorite trip: Peru, land of adventure


Gustavo Ebermann

I have many passions in life but it’s traveling, without any doubt that exhilarates and fascinates me the most. For me, each trip represents a limited period of time that gathers together countless experiences, far away and more diverse than my everyday life. It’s a window to a parallel world; the world of others, which very often we forget is ours to cherish as well.  Traveling means escaping from what we know, admiring and exploring a wide range of complex and contrasting cultures which helps us to develop into the people we are. Travelling encourages us to open our minds to the unknown, allowing us to discover, learn and become interested in what surrounds us; beyond our city, our country or continent, and to feed our five senses with new sensations. After every trip I always return to my beloved homeland.  From my extensive travelling adventures around the globe I have learned to appreciate and admire my beautiful country more and more. My home is Peru and I invite you to become part of it. 

Contact me: info@peruviansoul.com

My favorite trip: Huayhuash Mountain Range


Nicholas Cino

I’ve loved to travel since I was a kid and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been planning to travel the world starting with my own country. After 28 years of passionate travelling and endless experiences I can’t say I’m ready to move on to my next destination.

We’ve been blessed with a land that’s full of life, color, history and adventure waiting at every corner. I hope I finish exploring Peru in my lifetime, and I’d like to invite you all to join us in this amazing journey. 

Contact me: ncino@peruviansoul.com

My favorite trip: Lake of the Condors & Kuelap

Our social commitment

In Peruvian Soul we believe that tourism should be a major economic and cultural source to boost the development of remote and neglected communities of our country. In order to reinforce this belief and contribute directly with the progress of rural communities in Peru is that since December 2009 we collaborate with the Italian Association ANES. Peruvian Soul works also together with primary schools organizing once a year a Christmas activity.

Since the beginning, Peruvian Soul has had a strong commitment with the communities where we operate our programs. In that sense Peruvian Soul works together with primary schools organizing once a year a Christmas activity. You can take a look at some photos of those events on our Facebook page:

Peruvian Soul in Huancaya - 2010

Peruvian Soul in Pachacamac - 2011

Peruvian Soul in Tupe & Aiza - 2012

Peruvian Soul in Huancaya - 2013

ANESANES (Architettura Naturale Eco Sociale) is a nonprofit association incorporated on November 4th, 2009 in Padua, Italy. ANES main objective is to improve people's quality of life through social development plans that in turn activate local economies. For this, self-construction of basic infrastructure such as wells, schools, clinics, rooms, among others is encouraged and supported. ANES is currently working in our country with the Community of San Pedro, in Ica. Peruvian Soul travelers willing to support this initiative can visit San Pedro during their stay with us.

For more details, visit ANES Facebook