Our Story

Peruvian Soul was born out of the passion of two young entrepreneurs in 2009. They were brought together by their love of travel and their dream of creating amazing experiences in their beautiful country. It was during a charming night in Lima that they discussed this over a couple of beers at a bar and decided it was time to make this dream a reality. Less than two months later, they’d quit their office jobs and began devoting their days to the creation of an original and fresh travel agency and tour operator: Peruvian Soul.

At Peruvian Soul, we want to inspire others. Whether it is by discovering hidden places, experiencing our country as a local or being delighted by the wonders of our pristine nature, our goal is for every traveler to be the happiest they ever imagined. We are meticulous when planning a journey, have explored our country extensively (and continue to do so every single day!) and are committed to supporting the sustainable development of tourism in Peru.

Our Values

The soul of our company is made of 5 key aspects: Passion: we’re driven by the unparalleled beauty of our country and the countless places still yet to explore.

Innovation: we’re constantly striving to create unique, fresh and customized experiences for every single one of our travelers.
Talent: we’ve created a team of brilliant professionals and passionate travelers; we’re a group of friends with a common.
Dream: to share the best of Peru with travelers from around the globe.
Friendship: we love what we do, and it shows at our workplace! Every day, we share a cheerful, open and lighthearted atmosphere in our office, with our clients and partners.
Sustainability: we are committed to the protection of the natural and cultural wealth of our country.

We are advocates for the sustainable development of the Travel Industry in Peru and promote formality in business as a way to positively impact rural communities. Lastly, we are committed to the conservation of Peru’s spectacular landscapes, which is why we are very thorough when choosing our partners.

Meet Our Team

As members of Peruvian Soul, we share a passion for travel and sustainability. Every day, our energy is channeled into creating an array of classic, active and authentic itineraries to explore our wonderful country. We take pride in our roots, and for us, it’s all about bringing our travelers to the most extraordinary places in Peru. To travel with Peruvian Soul is to travel with friends. We’re excited to show you an unconventional side of this amazing country, and know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Diego Zimmermann
Nicholas Cino
Carmen Paredes
Josy Gutierrez
Julio Cesar Quispe

Tailor Made Journeys

Plan your trips as you dream it

Let your imagination free. We can make it happen! Whether it’s a family trip, your dream honeymoon, or the adventure you’ve long been seeking, you can trust us to go the extra mile and make your desired trip a reality. Our passion for Peru comes from deep within our hearts, so you can rest assured that we won’t stop until we’ve created the perfect trip itinerary for you. Our travel specialists will guide you throughout the process of building the trip of a lifetime, based on your interests, travel style, and budget. We’d love for you to check-out some sample itineraries and get inspiration for an incredible trip! Feel free to share your interests and preferences with us – we know each traveler is unique and will be happy to customize your itinerary to suit your needs. Ready for your next adventure? Give us a call or send us a message and start planning your off-the-beaten path adventure to Peru!