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Delfin III Amazon Cruise

Travel Inspiration

The Ultimate Peruvian Amazon Experience – Aboard the eco-friendly Delfin III Cruise

Imagine yourself kayaking along the calm waters of the Amazon while pink dolphins jump playfully next to you. Picture yourself…

Community based tourism in Peru

Responsible Travel

Community based tourism in Peru: 5 initiatives we love

#1 Laraos and its Pre-Columbian terraces The village of Laraos is a unique Andean town surrounded by thousands of terraces…

Gocta waterfall, Amazonas

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One week in Peru: Top 5 Itinerary ideas

One week in Peru? Ok, let’s be sincere, Peru is a big country, and if you have only seven days…

Huampoccocha, Ausangate Lodge to Lodge

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10 Best places to travel in Peru after COVID19

For a long time you have been dreaming of traveling to Peru; you have done quite good research about our…

Route to Tanta, Nor Yauyos Cochas

Responsible Travel

How will we travel: The future of travel

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry worldwide, and, after tough months, countries are finally easing restrictions to welcome…

Santa Claus arriving in Laraos

Papanoel Trekero

Papanoel Trekero 2014: Laraos

Christmas is over the corner and this year we are heading once again to the Nor Yauyos Cochas Scenic Reserve,…

Running in Huancaya's plaza

Papanoel Trekero

Papanoel Trekero 2013: Huancaya

After the heavy rains and floods all over the region of Nor Yauyos Cochas, our lovely Huancaya was seriously affected…


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