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Primitivo Evanan: Preserving Peruvian Culture and Arts

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Primitivo Evanan: Preserving Peruvian Culture and Arts

Primitivo Evanán, the master craftsman of the Sarhua boards, has practiced this art for almost 50 years. His work had…

Community based tourism in Peru

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Community based tourism in Peru: 5 initiatives we love

#1 Laraos and its Pre-Columbian terraces The village of Laraos is a unique Andean town surrounded by thousands of terraces…

Clara Meza in Laraos

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Laraos, Peru: Clara Meza

Some destinations are all about their people. We have all visited a place and have met people that felt just…

A view from Pisac, Sacred Valley of the Incas

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How to make tourism more sustainable after Covid19?

We all agree that 2020 has been an atypical year. It has been difficult to be apart from our families….

Route to Tanta, Nor Yauyos Cochas

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How will we travel: The future of travel

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry worldwide, and, after tough months, countries are finally easing restrictions to welcome…

Huancaya lagoon, Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve

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Responsible Travel: What is Slow Travel & How to do it?

You have probably heard of slow travel or slow movement before. It’s been a trend since some years ago, and…

Ayacucho arts and crafts: Marcial Berrocal

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Peru Arts and Crafts: Tablas de Sarhua, Ayacucho

Peru is a multicultural country. Our people have different backgrounds and stories, and any tourists visiting Peru will notice it…


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