Updated restrictions as of May 15th, 2021:

Restrictions are easing once again in Peru. Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas are no longer in lockdown on Sundays, and the quarantine for arriving travelers has been removed. Please review the updated policies here carefully. 

  • As previously, passengers from any international destination need to present a negative PCR or Antigen test issued no more than 72 hours before. 
  • However, travelers are no longer required to complete a two-week quarantine or an antigen test once they arrive.
  • Children under 12 years old are exempt from this by presenting a Medical Certificate of good health (must state name, ID, age, and medical condition).
  • Those arriving in the country must complete an affidavit online before travel. They will be denied boarding otherwise. This can be presented in digital or printed form. More information here: Lima Airport Arrivals Protocol
  • Travelers from South Africa, Brazil, and India are not permitted entry to Peru. Nationals who return through these countries or travelers with layovers in any of the above must quarantine for two weeks once they arrive in the country.
  • Nightly curfews are still enforced, from Monday to Sunday, across the country. In Lima, it starts at 11 pm until 4 am,  in Cusco, from 10 pm until 4 am, and in Arequipa fom 9pm to 4am.
  • Internal flights require a face shield, masks, and a signed document confirming that the traveler has displayed no symptoms of COVID- this should be provided to you by your airline before flying.
  • A mask is required at all times in outside spaces and in public areas, people need to wear double face masks.

Regional Safety Measures and restrictions are in place

Please confirm with us if the area you are visiting is affected as the measures apply per district which can be confusing (eg. Cusco city is still under Sunday lockdown, but not the Sacred Valley of the Incas). Restrictions are as follows:

Extreme level: 

Amazonas (Chachapoyas), Arequipa (Arequipa, Camaná, Caravelí, Castilla, Caylloma, Islay), Ayacucho (Lucanas), Cusco (Espinar). 

  • Curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday.
  • Total lockdown on Sundays.
  • Many public spaces, including cinemas, places of worship, casinos, gyms, and clubs, are closed. 
  • Other spaces including shopping centers, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, some tourist areas, and salons operate at reduced capacity (between 20% and 30%). Delivery is allowed.
  • Interprovincial air and land travel operates at 50% to 100% occupancy.

Very High & High level: 

Any district not mentioned above is categorized as Very High or High Level. The main difference is that businesses can open on Sundays and the capacity at most venues varies between 40% and 50%.

The Vaccine

Vaccination progresses. Peru has already vaccinated over 5 million residents and is currently vaccinating over 58’s and people with vulnerable disabilities. The government is constantly increasing its vaccination capacity and plans to vaccinate everyone over 18 years of age by the end of the year.

The next update

The government’s next update on its policies and restrictions is due on July 11th. We’ll update you on further news then.

Some other useful links to keep track of information on Peru are:

Covid-19 Reports from PromPeru
Q&A From Lima Airport
News Section from the US Embassy Website in Peru

The full detail of our Covid-19 Protocols can be found here

If you have an upcoming trip with us and would like some extra clarification regarding your possibilities please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Please Keep Safe,

The Peruvian Soul Team


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