The enigmatic northern Peru is a lesser-known destination, with fantastic tales of warriors, mud citadels and pyramids. The area also offers endless possibilities to explore secluded beaches and National Parks, where nature is preserved at its rawest. In the northern tip of the country the sun shines all year round, which makes it a perfect destination to finish your trip relaxing at the beach while enjoying a fresh ceviche. Get in touch with wildlife at the gorgeous Chaparri Conservation Area and add a cultural touch by visiting the archaeological sites at Chan-Chan, Tucume and Sipan and you’ve got a perfect trip!

We must add, though, that there are also many other interesting, less explored, regions in the North of Peru that would make for a fabulous addition to your trip. Such places include the breathtaking Amazonas region, where you can discover the Chachapoyas culture, the Kuelap Fortress, as well as the Gocta waterfalls, third highest on the planet. Plus, there’s also the beautiful countryside at the Andean city of Cajamarca, where you can learn about dairy production by local farmers, and, finally, the vibrant jungle city of Tarapoto, neighbor to mirror-like lagoons and exuberant nature.