Lamud, Amazonas

Tambo Sapalanchan is located in a small valley in the town of Lamud, Luya in Amazonas. It is a 1-hour drive from Gocta Waterfall and a 2-hour drive from Kuelap Fortress.

This lodge was inspired by the ancient Inca lodge’s idea along the Inka trail called Tambos, where travelers used to rest. 

Tambo Sapalanchan
Source: Tambo Sapalanchan


Tambo Sapalanchan has four suites and six double rooms separated in individual cabins around their private property of 30,000 m2. The rooms are cozy and have a rustic style. Each room is spacious and has marvelous views of the landscape. They are all decorated with paintings and antiques that give each room a very charming vibe.

The bathrooms are big, well illuminated with separate toilets and a shower with good pressure and hot water. These rooms are definitely built to offer tranquility and enjoy yourself.

Tambo Sapalanchan
Source: Tambo Sapalanchan

Common areas

Tambo Sapalanchan has multiple gardens and beautiful open areas with wooden chairs. The indoor spaces are also very intimate and homey, like the living room with a large fireplace and an interesting library.

Tambo Sapalanchan
Source: Tambo Sapalanchan


There are few areas around the world where the hotel’s owner is also your chef and bartender. Paul, the property’s owner, is an excellent chef who offers the best local and international cuisine. Their food is made with local, high-quality ingredients that they obtain from the organic garden and the local market. 

Tambo Sapalanchan
Source: Tambo Sapalanchan

Insider’s recommendations

  • This property is a good starting point to visit the Sarcophagi of Karajia, the lake of the condors, Quiocta Cavern, Kuelap, Gocta waterfall, and Pueblo de Los Muertos.
  • Tambo Sapalanchan is part of a non-profit association called Red Muchuj Runa. They promote sustainable and social impacts like plastic-free and fair trade with the local communities.
  • If you want to learn about Peruvian cuisine, chef Paul can offer private cooking classes.


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