Is Peru a good honeymoon destination? Peru may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of the perfect place for your honeymoon. Peru seems more like the kind of place where adventurers and explorers would travel. Lots of hiking and tons of Inca ruins, but Peru is much more than that. This country is so diverse that it would be the perfect getaway for the memorable honeymoon you’ve been long dreaming of. Let us give you some ideas for the most authentic honeymoon trip!

#1 River cruise in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is definitely one of the most special places in Peru and the whole world. Enjoying all its magic onboard a luxury cruise along the river in the Amazon while exploring the jungle is just a perfect plan! The staff is lovely, the ship and the rooms are cozy, and the food is just wonderful! You can also take day trips from the boat that goes from kayaking in secluded parts of the river, swimming with pink dolphins, jungle-trekking, or just enjoy the sunset over a glass of wine in the dock. 

Honeymoon trip on board the Delfin Amazon Cruise, Peru
Source: El Delfin Amazon Cruises

#2 Night under the stars at the Skylodge Adventure Suites in the Sacred Valley

At this point, many people already know the Skylodge in the Sacred Valley. This one-of-a-kind accommodation has you in a transparent capsule hanging from a cliff in the valley of the Incas. Since it’s located near the top of a 1200 ft mountain and it’s completely clear, your luxury private capsule has some of the best views in the valley. If you get to spend a night here, don’t miss the sunrise just above your head!

Dining room at the Skylodge in the Sacred Valley of the Incas
Source: Natura Vive

#3 Join an Andean ceremony in Cusco

For the old inhabitants of Peru and many people nowadays, receiving the blessings of the apus -the sacred mountains are an essential part of a spiritual union, such as marriage. Take part in an Andean ritual and celebrate your union in an utterly out-of-the-ordinary wedding. It’s such a unique and beautiful ceremony where you’ll be offering seeds, candies, flowers, wools, beans, and coca leaves to the Andean deities like the apus and the Pachamama, the mother earth. Spare a day and enjoy the spirituality of the old Inca city.

Honeymoon trip and Andean wedding, Peru

#4 Bask in the tranquility of Suasi, a private island in Lake Titicaca

Have you ever dream of staying on a private island? Well, Suasi island in Lake Titicaca might be the best choice. Suasi hotel, located on the island of the same name, is a small yet fantastic place to explore the highlands of Peru and spend spare time. This hotel is the one and only property on the island, protected as a private reserve. From this hotel, you can take a kayak and row along its coasts, spend some time in the spa, hike through the island, or drink a glass of wine overlooking the lake in a moment just for yourselves.

Honeymoon trip in Suasi Island, Peru
Source: Suasi Island

#5 Romantic escapade at Kichic in Mancora beach

Northern beaches of Peru are the favorite spot for many newlyweds because of their beautiful white sandy beaches and perfect warm weather all year long. Kichic is one of the most romantic places around. This cozy boutique property is located right in front of the sea in “Las Pocitas” – Mancora – and only has 9 rooms, which gives all the privacy newlyweds need. We recommend spending the last days of your Peru trip at this charming place, taking time to indulge yourselves. You can book the spa for two, take a cooking class, walk along the beach’s shores, or just take a sip of a Pisco sour at sunset. It’s up to you! 

Honeymoon trip at the beach, Peru
Source: Kichic

#6 Campfire and glamping under the stars in the desert of Paracas

The vastness of the Paracas deserts gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy a special moment with your partner. This desert, at 3 hours from Lima, doesn’t gather crowds like other destinations in the south, making it a great spot to spend the night at comfy glamping surrounded by the sand and dunes. At this glamping, you can ride a sand buggy throughout the desert, try your skills in sandboarding, and have a cozy picnic next to the fire.

Glamping in Paracas desert, Peru
Source: Adrenarena

#7 Dine in style in Lima, the city of the kings

Peru is well-known for its delicious food and top restaurants, and Lima is home to some of the best ones. Walk around the touristic district of Miraflores and Barranco to find the best restaurants and bars, and share one of your first of many meals together in Peru. Take your time and try the best of the typical Peru food, Nikkei food, and Andean food.

Honeymoon trip in Lima, Peru
Source: Museo Larco

#8 Discover the Tambopata National Reserve from a private home in the jungle

Not many people would choose the jungle as the dreamy honeymoon destination, but let me tell you that it truly is! Secluded trails crossing the reserve, silent forests full of vegetation, wildlife sounds, breakfast at the clay lick, and fantastic sunsets at the riverbanks sound like an excellent plan for romantic and active couples. The Amazon Villa is a private home in the Tambopata National Reserve that allows you to explore nature and have a rustic yet very comfortable accommodation, the best of both worlds! This cottage is located near the Refugio Amazonas Lodge, providing all the support from the expert staff and guides you’ll need during your stay. 

Honeymoon trip in a private Amazon home, Peru
Source: Rainforest Expeditions

#9 Hike from “lodge to lodge” to the Ausangate mountain

For adventurous couples who want both romance and excitement, take on the 5-day trek from the lodge to lodge to the Apu Ausangate in Cusco. This off-the-beaten-path trekking experience takes you through less-visited towns throughout the Vilcanota range until the majestic Ausangate mountain. This route is very special, not just because of the wonderful natural setting crowned by layers of ice and snow. It is special because every night, after a long but fun day hiking, a cozy bedroom and a warm dinner next to the fireplace will be waiting for you in the eco-friendly lodges placed along all the trail. Moreover, what makes this trekking more remarkable is that they support fairer tourism as the project directly involves high-altitude peasant and shepherding communities. If you are still curious about it, read more in our Lodge to Lodge article.

Honeymoon trip to Ausangate Lodge to Lodge, Peru

#10 Cuddle up in the rustic yet luxurious boutique accommodations in the Sacred Valley

One of the most beautiful, romantic, exciting, interesting activities yet so peaceful is the Incas’ Sacred Valley. This amazing destination has some of the best hotels in all of Peru, such as Sol y Luna Lodge and Spa or Belmond Rio Sagrado. Those two boutique properties are so beautiful and pleasing that you won’t probably want to leave your room! Those hotels own great spas, heated pools, rustic but luxury rooms, and an amiable staff that will make you enjoy a carefree and romantic stay. 

Honeymoon trip in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru
Source: Sol y Luna Lodge

As you have seen, there are plenty of special places in Peru to enjoy a fantastic honeymoon, you just need to choose. So what do you think now? Is Peru a good honeymoon destination?

Congrats on your marriage!

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