It all started in December 2009, when our first clients arrived in Peru. They asked us to help them organize not only a tour but an activity to give something back. Then, together with a good friend and the support of Tierra de Niños, we went to plant trees in the desert, help the kids paint their school, and make some fun games in Ica. It was a memorable experience for all of us.

One year later, we decided to start our own project “Papanoel Trekero” as an initiative to give “thanks” to the communities we work and bring a day of happiness and joy to the kids of remote areas of our country.

Excited and with high expectations, our first event was held in Huancaya, a small rural town in the highlands of Lima. Huancaya was the town where it all started for Peruvian Soul.  So we decided to do this Christmas activity in this lovely town that opened their homes (and hearts) to welcome our travelers.

We still remember the excited faces of the kids, some of them seeing Santa Claus for the very first time in their lives. Around 50 kids were surprised with the arrival of Santa Claus walking down to the town through the mountains. It was truly magical not only for the kids but for our small team, friends, and family that later on became an essential part of “Papanoel Trekero” and our history. 

Even though Huancaya is nowadays getting more popular for travelers or at least being listed in a few travel guides, back in 2010 Peruvian Soul was the first agency operating tours for international travelers to this amazing region. Throughout these years we have seen how the local people have been improving their quality of life and the quality of their services. 

Many thanks to our friends from Huancaya and all our friends and family that make this possible.

See you next year!

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