After the heavy rains and floods all over the region of Nor Yauyos Cochas, our lovely Huancaya was seriously affected and the school collapsed. The school was moved temporarily to a new area where the kids study with basic conditions and facilities. So, with Christmas over the corner, we decided to come back to Huancaya and bring not only a day of happiness for the kids but to contribute with school supplies.

Hundreds and twenty kids joined us this year. It was nice to be once again in this region and see how the kids have grown up. (Last time we did our Papanoel Trekero event in Huancaya was in 2010).  We were a little bit concerned because of the weather conditions, but nature blessed us with excellent conditions and we had an amazing time.

Our growing group of volunteers did an awesome job and everyone had a lot of fun (even some curious parents that were in the surroundings decided to join some of the games). Finally, as every year, Santa Claus arrived in the town with presents for all the kids and school supplies that were donated by Faber Castell.

On Sunday, and before returning to Lima, we went on a morning hike to the Carhuayno falls. We had a sunny day, so after the hike, we couldn´t resist going for a dip in the turquoise lagoons.

For lunch we had fresh trout at Elizabeth’s house and then started our way back to Lima through a less used road passing near canyons, colorful lagoons, amazing rock formations, and llama herders region.

Thanks to the people of Huancaya, for welcoming us again in their charming homes.

Thanks to our friends, family, volunteers, and sponsors for making this possible.

See you next year.

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