Christmas is over the corner and this year we are heading once again to the Nor Yauyos Cochas Scenic Reserve, but this time to the small town of Laraos. 

Laraos stands out for its millenary prehispanic terraces that are still in use nowadays. When approaching Laraos, we can admire from the distance the mountains, the valley, and of course the impressive thousands of Andean terraces going from the top of the hills all the way to the bottom of the river.

Of course, our arrival does not go unnoticed, since the kids were already expecting our arrival. After organizing all the logistics for the event and getting ready with the decoration a group of volunteers starts playing with the kids. As every year the 120 kids run, play, and laugh with our team of volunteers that have as much joy as them.

The ladies of the town helped us with the preparation of a delicious hot chocolate accompanied by some panettone before the arrival of Santa Claus. Of course, when Santa arrived in town, everyone went crazy (even the adults) willing to get a hug and maybe a photo for their Facebook profile.

After a full day playing in the main square of the small town, the community invited us to explore the town together and we were more than happy to accept the invitation. They show us the “lagoon” where they fish trout in the rainy season and play soccer in the dry season. Yes, it’s a seasonal lagoon where you can go rowing in small boats in December and play soccer in July. Really funny! After that, we explored the cobbled streets of the town and were curious about the painting and messages at the facade of the houses. They have a very nice tradition in which friends and family write positive messages and paintings for the new couple in their homes once they are married. We also learned about the history of Laraos, the people of Sinchimarka and their resistance before being conquered by the Incas.

After a good night’s sleep at the lodge overlooking the Cochapampa lagoon and a healthy breakfast including trout at the restaurant of the community, we get ready for our 8 hours drive to Lima.

As usual, we couldn’t be happier for organizing Papanoel Trekero once again and bringing joy and happiness to kids from small towns.

Thanks to all our sponsors, the group of volunteers, our family, friends and of course the community of Laros for welcoming us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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