It’s finally that time of the year, and we are ready for the Papanoel Trekero once again. If you are curious about what we did this year, check this out.

This year we decided to go back to Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve in the central highlands of Lima, but this time our destination was Tanta. Tanta is the further district in the Reserve and one of the highest. Since we knew this journey was going to be long and strenuous, we decided to add one more day to the Papanoel Trekero trip, which usually had only 2. We left Lima very early on Friday morning and started our more than 7-hour drive to Tanta. There were 22 of us traveling together on a caravan among the impressive scenery, secluded mountains, colorful lagoons, and lovely towns along the route.

Considering the remoteness of Tanta, we spent the first night in Huancaya, the district where we held our first Papanoel Trekero, and then drove to Tanta the next day.

Tanta is also an extraordinary town, not only because the Apu Pariacaca is standing there wonderfully, but because it owns one of the best-preserved parts of the Inca Trail, a gem!

Once in Tanta, we started preparing everything for the event. Actually, we started a little later than initially planned since there was a local celebration due to the inauguration of the new highway. Yet, nothing could stop us! We played, ran, danced and had fun together.

We were able to bring some toys and school supplies for the kids in the community.

We finished the Papanoel Trekero in Tanta in the best way, playing with the kids and having a great time together. Thanks to all the people for the donations we received. Many thanks to our volunteers for being part of this incredible group of people. Finally, many thanks to the Tanta community that made us feel welcomed.

Merry Christmas!

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