In 2009, Peruvian Soul was born with a purpose: share the best of Peru with people all around the world. It’s been 12 years since Papanoel Trekero started, and our commitment to bringing joy to every part of our country has remained unchanged. 

Last year’s event challenged us to continue with our mission even though the situation we were going through. However, together we grew stronger and reinvented ourselves, resulting in one of the most successful years. So this year couldn’t be different. 

Papanoel Trekero 2021: Echarati
Photo: Ingrid Loayza

In its 12th year, Santa went to Chahuares – Echarati in La Conveción. It was a long trip to get to this town located 5 hours away from Cusco city, but it was totally worth it! This area is part of the higher-altitude Amazon basin at the foot of the Andes, and it’s one of the places where some of the best Peruvian coffee is produced.  

This year, apart from the fun event we hold every year, we wanted to continue supporting education in Peru. That’s why we also decided to support 180 youth in Chahuares – Echarati (La Convención – Cusco) by funding the construction of 2 tree nurseries in 2 rural schools that offer integral education. Those schools (Escuelas de Alternancia) provide a dynamic learning environment and promote local development. This project will reforest 30 hectares of forest (300 000 trees), which will help soil remediation. But most importantly, this project will be part of the farming education of the students and provide them long-term economic benefits through forest management. It will lead to better life quality and opportunities for youth, kids, and their families.

Our goal was S/12 000 (Peruvian Soles) but thanks to every one of you who helped us, we surpassed it and even doubled the amount! In this 2021, Papanoel Trekero donated S/25 000 (Peruvian Soles)!! We were all surprised and very happy to be able to raise that amount just in time! Thank you very much to all the people who joined the project and donated, the volunteers, and Pachamama Raymi. A special thanks to Mundo Roller who gave 20 scooters for the local kids, Amalia Ponte who gave 40 school packs, Ava Sacred Valley Spot and Antigua Casona San Blas that housed the volunteers, Viatorem that helped us with transportation, and LipoCura from Munich who donated €3000! 

Papanoel Trekero 2021: Echarati
Photo: Ingrid Loayza

Thank you all for your help, and see you next year!

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