In 2009, Peruvian Soul was born with a purpose: share the best of Peru with people all around the world. From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to use Peruvian Soul as a medium to impact our society positively. So, in December of the very first year of Peruvian Soul, the Papanoel Trekero project came to life.


It’s been 13 years since Papanoel Trekero started, and our commitment to bringing joy to every part of our country has remained unchanged.

The pandemic years challenged us to continue with our mission even though the situation we were going through. However, we grew stronger and reinvented ourselves, resulting in two of the most successful years ever.

La Jalca, Amazonas

La Jalca, Chachapoyas

This 2022, on the 13th year of Papanoel Trekero, we’re taking Santa to La Jalca, Amazonas!

La Jalca is a district in the province of Chachapoyas in the Amazonas region in northern Peru, only 25 miles east of Kuelap. Unfortunately, the community has been dramatically affected due to the pandemic and the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck the area last November. 

Papanoel trekero

The Project

So, we want to make this a very special Christmas for the people and children of La Jalca by bringing a fun day of games and gifts. In addition, we want to guarantee a school kit for each kid in the local kindergarten and elementary school so they can have a great start to the school year.

It is the first time the project involves more than 500 children, which means we need to raise S/30,900 until November 25th, which we are sure we will reach with everyone’s help.

The People Behind the Project

Papanoel Trekero

Alvaro Aguilar

Santa Claus & Papanoel Trekero Project Manager


Diego Zimmermann

Peruvian Soul CEO

Papanoel Trekero

Ingrid Loayza

Main photographer & Santa’s helper


To make this project come true, we’ll raise S/30,900 (Peruvian Soles) – US$7800 – until November 25th. If you wish to be part of the Papanoel Trekero project, you can help us with any donation at Paypal: Álvaro Aguilar (Santa Claus & Papanoel Trekero Project Manager)


A mom hugging her child

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