In 2023, we returned to our roots and took Papanoel Trekero back to Huancaya!

For our 14th edition, we chose to revisit a community close to our hearts: Huancaya. Situated in the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Reserve, Huancaya holds special significance for us. It was among the initial destinations we began promoting for tourism in 2009 and where Papanoel Trekero started. This year, we aimed to create an unforgettable Christmas for 80 students from kindergarten to high school. Our plan involved gifting each child a present and ensuring they received a school kit, setting them up for a great start to the school year.

However, we set an ambitious goal once more. We aimed to build a children’s playground within the local school, offering safe recreational activities. To accomplish this, we needed to raise S/30,000, made possible by your tremendous support!

On December 16th, volunteers embarked on a 9-hour road trip to Huancaya. Despite the long journey, it proved worthwhile not just for the breathtaking landscapes along the way but also for the joy we intended to bring. We dedicated ourselves to organizing a day that will forever remain in the hearts of the kids and us.

Our dedicated volunteers excelled in entertaining, painting, running, singing, and playing with children of all ages—even their parents! Our collective presence enabled us to cherish fun and emotional moments together.

This year, Papanoel, also known as Santa Claus, reappeared to sprinkle magic and joy through toys and various gifts. Additionally, we provided them with school supplies essential for the upcoming year. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the newly installed play area, facilitated by the help of teachers and parents. The children were thrilled and immediately started using it.

It was yet another fantastic edition of Papanoel Trekero, made possible solely by your unwavering support over the years.

Special thanks to Sulca Textiles, Les Routes du Monde, Manos de la Comunidad, Daniel Rubio, Diana Alvarado, and our steadfast volunteers who have supported this project throughout the years. 👏

Papanoel Trekero 2023: Huancaya

Thank you all for your donations

Daniel Rubio
Cecilia y Hans Glaesner
Ingrid Delgado
Diego Esculies
Anneli Zimmermann
Claudia Glaesner
Sonia Cino
Alfredo Torres
Valeria y Gisella
Cecilia Villanueva Meyer
Prima de Claudia
Manos de la Comunidad
Mariela Garcia
Nicholas Cino
Luis Agois
Bryan Castillo
Annelie Zimmermann
Fernando Pons
Ines Valenzuela
Diana Bernedo
Rafael Garavito

Isabella Prieto
Eduardo Larrañaga
Rangra Wasi
Luis Felipe Lopez
Becky, Ralf & friends
Lisa Shi
Cynthia Caceres
Alex Zimmermann
Rodolfo Hermosa
Robertson Mora
Silvia Camino de Herrera
Beatriz Alcalde
Nathalie Zimmermann
Angela Miñope, Richard Ticlo, Oli Navarro & fam
Familia Zavala
Gomez Sanches
Jonathan Aquije
Gilda Bohl
Franco Canziani

Silvia Villanueva Meyer
Max Zimmermann
Sulca Textiles
Karen ojeda
Anya Hein
Carolina Yamashiro
Kathy Añaños
Ana Luisa Nava
Fiorella Patruco
Sheldon Shafer
Sue Chong
Katie Messick
Javier Villanueva – Meyer
Nancy Holme
Andrea Cino
Evelyn Valdez
Josayra Leger
Andres Herrera Camino

To the people that have been part of our team for the past 14 years and the ones that joined us on the way, thank you very much. We could only make it this far because of you.

See you next year!

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