We can’t believe a decade has passed since we started this amazing adventure. This is our 10th year of Papanoel Trekero, and we wanted to make it different. Papanoel Trekero goes to Huancavelica.

As the special year that it is, we wanted to do something different, and even though it meant to drive for around 10 hours a day, we were ready for it! We decided to go to a community near Pampas in Huancavelica, one of the most stunning destinations in Peru. However, as beautiful as it is, Huancavelica is also one of the poorest in Peru. This is one of the reasons that made us choose it as the place for the 10th Papanoel Trekero edition, and it was a great decision.

This year we worked very hard, as the previous ones, to collect as many donations as possible and also prepared a different but entertaining activity. At first, we were a little worried because, at this point, we already had experience working and playing with groups of kids and teenagers. However, we never had them both together! Fortunately, our skilled group of volunteers made a fantastic plan to entertain, paint, run, sing, and play with babies, toddlers, teens, and even their parents! Being all of us together allowed us to enjoy such fun and emotive moments, finding that sometimes kids only need the imagination to create incredible things. We all learned from them.

This year Papanoel, or Santa Claus, appeared once again to bring some magic and joy to all the people with toys and different presents that kids started using right away. We also brought school supplies that will be very useful for the next year.

Before this Papanoel Trekero edition, we were a little worried that maybe we weren’t going to meet the high expectations from last year’s event, but we were wrong. It was fantastic, another unbelievable experience and lifetime memory!

To the people that have been part of our team for the past 10 years, and the ones that joined us on the way, thank you very much. It’s been 10 years because of you.

See you next year!

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