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El Delfin III cruise in the Amazon Jungle, Iquitos

Travel Inspiration

10 Days in Peru: 6 Great Itinerary Ideas

Having 10 days in Peru may not seem a lot of time to explore this vast country. Yet, it is…

Tinajani Canyon, view from above, Puno

Travel Inspiration

Puno Off-the-beaten-path: 5 unique experiences you can not miss

Lake Titicaca is such an exciting destination to visit in Peru due to the beautiful landscapes and living cultures that…

Gocta waterfall, Amazonas

Travel Inspiration

One week in Peru: Top 5 Itinerary ideas

One week in Peru? Ok, let’s be sincere, Peru is a big country, and if you have only seven days…

Travel Guides & Tips

Travel Guides & Tips

Travel to Peru during COVID-19: Can I visit Machu Picchu?

Yes! Well, that is the short answer, but we know that you might have many more questions about visiting Machu…

Explorer enjoying the view of Machu Picchu from above before arriving to the citadel

Travel Guides & Tips

Machu Picchu: All you need to know

Is there anybody that hasn’t ever heard about Machu Picchu? Yes, there may be somebody, but let’s face it, Machu…

A traveler trekking towards Machu Picchu

Travel Guides & Tips

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: All you need to know

Over the past few years, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has become one of the world’s most famous treks…

Responsible Travel

A view from Pisac, Sacred Valley of the Incas

Responsible Travel

How to make tourism more sustainable after Covid19?

We all agree that 2020 has been an atypical year. It has been difficult to be apart from our families….

Route to Tanta, Nor Yauyos Cochas

Responsible Travel

How will we travel: The future of travel

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry worldwide, and, after tough months, countries are finally easing restrictions to welcome…

Huancaya lagoon, Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel: What is Slow Travel & How to do it?

You have probably heard of slow travel or slow movement before. It’s been a trend since some years ago, and…

Papanoel Trekero

Santa Claus is in Pampas

Papanoel Trekero

Papanoel Trekero Ten Years 2019: Pampas

We can’t believe a decade has passed since we started this amazing adventure. This is our 10th year of Papanoel…

All the people involved in the 2018 Christmas games in a frame

Papanoel Trekero

Papanoel Trekero 2018: Huancabamba

It’s well-known that our most awaited trip of the year, Papanoel Trekero, is named after Santa. But, imagine what it…

Santa Claus arrived in Tanta!

Papanoel Trekero

Papanoel Trekero 2017: Tanta

It’s finally that time of the year, and we are ready for the Papanoel Trekero once again. If you are…


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