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At Peruvian Soul, we believe in the positive impact of travel, not just for our clients but for the destinations they visit and the people that host them in their homes. Our commitment to sustainable tourism goes further than just supporting the local economies, protecting our ecosystems, and preserving the culture. We believe that travel creates empathy. Traveling encourages us to open our minds and hearts to the unknown. Traveling allows us to discover, learn, and become interested in what surrounds us, beyond our city, our country, or continent. We are committed to making tourism a more sustainable industry and building bridges between the travelers and the local people, supporting learning experiences and creating positive change.





Local development

Local development


Education for kids with disabilities

We have committed to support the Paqari program of the Sol y Luna Association, in which, for each traveler, we’ll give three therapies to a child with disabilities. The Sol y Luna school is an initiative which offers education, access to health, housing and counseling to over 200 children from various communities in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. So far, we have contributed more than 470 therapies! Read more


Education for kids in remote areas

Kipi is the first Quechua-speaking robot programmed with the school curricula to help elementary-school students in rural areas of Huancavelica in their own native language. Kipi projects videos through its eyes, answers questions to the kids, and even sings. Read more


Planting trees in High Andean communities

Peruvian Soul has partnered with Pachamama Raymi, funding the planting and growth of 15 native trees in the Andes for each traveler that books with us. The initiative, besides compensating for carbon emissions, provides work and development opportunities for rural families in the Andes of Peru. Read more

locals involved

Local people development & opportunities

We pride ourselves on working with the most unique and responsible travel partners. We work with approximately 60 guides or master storytellers as we like to call them. They represent a diversity of connections, experiences and knowledge, but above all they are excellent professionals and human beings with whom we have built a close friendship. We prefer to stay at owner-run properties, promote local products, and partner with responsible local suppliers. We believe that working this way, we are giving more opportunities to local people and supporting their development.

Papanoel Trekero - Responsible TravelResponsible travel in Peru

Papanoel trekero:
14 years of social commitment

More than 10 years ago we started our dream to bring the spirit of Christmas to the most remote areas of our country. We focused not only on spending a day of joy with the kids but also on supporting the schools and kids of rural areas. So far, we have traveled more than 8,000 km and more than 800 children have benefited with this initiative.

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Our People, the Engine Behind the Scenes

We believe that responsibility starts at home. From the very beginning, one of our priorities has been the wellbeing of our staff. To keep a fresh, innovative, and creative company, we encourage the active participation of all our team members in the strategic decisions of our company. 

Profits are, of course, essential and the only way to be sustainable, but we have a more profound sense of responsibility centered on people. Whether it’s an employee, a provider, or a client, we have a very personal and human approach in which we always try to make a positive change in the life of the people we interact with. At Peruvian Soul, we love to empower our people and make them part of the success of our company. 

We call Peruvian Soul our second home, and our team the family. In the last eleven years we have seen our co-workers growing with us, leading essential projects and developing personal and professional skills. It’s also very rewarding to see the positive development, growth, and improvement of the quality of life of many of the approximately 30 communities that we work with.


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