Our Commitment

At Peruvian Soul, we believe in the positive impact of travel. Not just for our clients but for the destinations they visit and the people that host them at their homes. Our commitment to sustainable tourism goes further than just supporting the local economies, protecting our ecosystems, and preserving the culture. We believe that travel creates empathy and tolerance. Traveling encourages us to open our minds and hearts to the unknown. Traveling allows us to discover, learn, and become interested in what surrounds us, beyond our city, our country, or continent. We are committed to making tourism a more sustainable industry and building bridges between the travelers and the local people supporting learning experiences and creating positive changes in both ways.

Our People, The Engine Behind The Scenes

We believe that responsibility starts at home. From the very beginning, one of our priorities is the wellbeing of our staff. To keep a fresh, innovative, and creative company, we encourage the active participation of all our team members in the most critical decisions. We certainly enjoy growing all together as a team.

Profits are, of course, essential and the only way to be sustainable, but we have a more profound sense of responsibility centered on people. Whether it’s an employee, a provider, or a client, we have a very personal and human approach in which we always try to make a positive change in the life of the people we interact with. At Peruvian Soul, we love to empower our people and make them part of the success of the company.

We call Peruvian Soul, our second home, and our team the family. It’s been ten incredible years in which we have seen our co-workers growing with us, leading essential projects and developing personal and professional skills. It’s also very rewarding to see the positive development, growth, and improvement of quality of life of many of the communities we work with. Still, there’s nothing more special than memories of travel together and friendship.

Our Partners & Our Community Impact

When designing our trips, we take special care selecting partners that can provide high-quality service and unique experiences while maintaining a strong commitment towards sustainability. It’s the human values; however, what makes the difference between excellent service to outstanding.

We really care about honesty, respect, empathy, punctuality, responsibility, among other essential values when choosing the right people and suppliers to work with. We are proud to say that we have not only an excellent relationship with our partners in the tourism industry but have built a personal friendship with all of them.

Whenever possible, we prefer to stay at owner-run properties, promote the consumption of local products, and partner with local guides who represent a diversity of connections. We believe working this way enhances the experience for our clients, brings wellbeing to the people, and reinforces the local culture.

We are always looking for new ways to foster direct engagement and to promote long-lasting relationships. Our commitment to our clients is to be continually exploring, selecting, and evaluating the best services and experiences.

We support local economies and entrepreneurs as much as possible, and the interest and admiration of travelers for our culture is always the best reward. Above all, many of our tours develop in natural areas, our itineraries promote environmental awareness and aim to educate on environmental issues.

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Our Travelers, Friends Rather Than Clients

As a small company, we don’t have thousands of travelers each year, but we have the right ones. Our clients appreciate the experiences rather than bargain for a better price. We guarantee the best value for money, which doesn’t always mean a low price. Still, we’ll make sure that you’ll get the best experience, and communities will receive fair pay for their services.

Our clients understand that slow travel is the best way to have real and authentic experiences, allowing a genuine connection with the destination and its people. Peru is a diverse country with many different vibrant cultures and ancient traditions. As responsible travelers, there are a few things we can do to enrich our experience, respect, and preserve this traditional way of life. For more information, please take a look at our guide on How to be a responsible traveler.

Being a small company allows us to meet each one of our clients personally. They are not a number but real persons with whom we built a friendship. As local experts, we want to help our travelers design their perfect trip to Peru, but at the end of the day, we learn a lot from them too. We get to find friends rather than clients.


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