I enjoy photography, biking, and sailing, but it’s traveling, without a doubt, that exhilarates and fascinates me the most. It is an essential part of my life; it means escaping from what we know to admire and explore a wide range of complex and contrasting cultures, which helps us to develop into the people we are. Peru is a fascinating country, and through travel, I can share my passion and help travelers from around the world plan memorable trips. My home is Peru, and I invite you to become part of it.

How did you get involved in travel?

It was the year 2009 when I decided to leave my jobs and follow my passion. I wanted to do something completely off the beaten path, and that was my main motivation to get started. We founded Peruvian Soul with the dream to inspire people from around the world to explore the Soul of our country. It’s been more than a decade since then, but we have only reinforced our commitment to provide the most authentic experiences and promote the sustainable development of tourism in Peru.

Most memorable trip

From an e-bike journey through thousands of kilometers to a cultural encounter in a remote community, it’s a tough question. If I have to make a decision, I will choose Illescas, a pristine natural park in Northern Peru. This is not only an incredible paradise where you can find nature at its purest, but to be able to share it with your family and get amazed by the wildlife and stunning landscapes truly make it a memorable experience.



Favorite destination

One of my favorite places all over Peru in the Amazonas region. This place, which was once the home of the Chachapoyas culture hides still lots of untouched archaeological sites and pristine nature. Besides the fortress of Kuelap and the impressive Gocta waterfalls, the Chachapoyas region is a place where you can still find authentic living cultures such as La Jalca. Above all and after a full day of exploration, it’s always nice to admire a starry sky from a charming boutique lodge in the middle of the cloud forest.


Thousand of kilometers traveled, countless cities visited, always new discoveries right at your fingertips. Be the first to know all about our trips and the latest news.

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