I am an official tour guide in Cusco, Peru, and it was here where I studied Tourism at the University and finally, got a degree. Before I finished the University, I trained in several travel agencies to gain experience and knowledge as a transfer and sometimes showing the details of my city. After that, my first experience as a guide was when I traveled with a group of children to Choquequirao. It was amazing to be there and take care of all of them like an old friend.

Operations Manager & Guide


How did you get involved in travel?

When I was a child, one day, my mother decided to send my old brother and me to Siervos de Los Pobres, because they had a dining room for poor children. The only payment was to bring one kilogram of potatoes or any other vegetable every week. Here, it was the place where I met many friends from different parts of the world, all of them were amazing with me and always taught me the value to share and be kind to everybody, and, the best part, to be grateful to god for the opportunities.

Most memorable trip

My most memorable trip was when I went to the Choquequirao Archaeological Park, also known as the sister of Machupicchu, with my friends from the University. The route is difficult, but you get to enjoy the views of the canyon where the Apurimac river winds, and the amazing landscapes of the mountains with the glaciers. They remind you of how ecological Andean societies were, always maintaining harmony and beauty between its buildings and nature.

Amazon Rainforest


Favorite destination

The mysterious and the biodiversity of plants and animals made the Amazon Rainforest my favorite destination in Peru. It is not just another Rainforest in South America, it is the lung of the world and the homeland of the many fragile ecosystems and also the famous Amazon river. For this reason, we must protect today and keep it in good condition for the new generations.


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