Imagine yourself kayaking along the calm waters of the Amazon while pink dolphins jump playfully next to you. Picture yourself fishing for piranhas or venturing into the depths of the rainforest at night. Envision yourself learning about ancient trees, fascinating species, and the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon.

This is just a taste of the many experiences that await aboard the Delfin III. Let me share with you the ultimate way to explore the Peruvian Amazon.

A few months ago, I was invited to take a trip aboard the Delfin III Cruise with my family. Naturally, as an experienced traveler, I expected great service aboard the cruise. Little did I know that this trip would not only meet my expectations but exceed them, thanks to the incredible flexibility and hospitality of the crew that went above and beyond not only to accommodate the needs of my small kids but to captivate them. The expert guides took them on adventures that were both educational and exciting, teaching them about the local flora and fauna while allowing them to interact with it in a safe and respectful manner.

The Cruise

Everything works like clockwork between the different areas and activities. Juan Carlos, the crew manager of the ship that I went on, is fantastic at coordinating the timetables between activities, meals, boats, transfers, and community visits. They have thought of absolutely every detail. Upon arrival at the airport, you are welcomed by the friendly staff, who will provide you with an aluminum bottle of ice-cold water and some local snacks to enjoy while you travel in your comfortable private bus to Nauta, the starting point of the cruise adventure. You can later use this bottle to refill water on the cruise since a purified water station is permanently available.

Delfin III Amazon Cruise

As you step aboard, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff, who will take care of you during your journey. The Delfin III Cruise is a true masterpiece of luxury and comfort, with 22 spacious cabins, including 2 Corner rooms and an Owner Suite, from where guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Amazon rainforest from almost every angle. The rooms are beautifully designed with tasteful wooden finishes and are kept spotless. Lamps made from spare Paiche fish and eco-friendly body lotions are just a few examples on how Delfin III really cares about details. In addition, the ship features a heated pool, a spa, and a mini gym. The perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. The common areas are a great place to relax, enjoy the views, join an exciting lecture or try a pisco cocktail from the bar (Local beers, some Pisco cocktails, and fresh juices are complimentary). 

The food

As a Relais & Chateaux property, guests can expect exceptional service and world-class cuisine. The specialized kitchen crew works tirelessly to create daily menus that are both balanced and exquisite. You can expect to be surprised by the innovative chef’s use of exotic ingredients, all freshly prepared in the Peruvian gourmet gastronomy tradition, with touches and inspirations from the surrounding rainforest. 

Delfin III Amazon Cruise


But the Delfin III Cruise is much more than just a luxurious way to explore the Amazon River. It’s a commitment to sustainable tourism, a way to explore the Amazon while minimizing our environmental impact. The Delfin III Cruise is designed with eco-friendliness, using renewable energy sources and sustainable materials wherever possible. All the crew is also committed to preserving the delicate balance of the rainforest, providing information that will enrich travelers and the local communities.

Delfin III Amazon Cruise


You might think all this sounds great, but what activities can you expect while cruising with Delfin III? Whether you’re looking to explore the rainforest, relax on board, or try something new and exciting, this luxury cruise ship has something for everyone.

Below you’ll find a list of the main activities offered to its guests:

  • Skiff excursions: Climb aboard a slider boat and explore the many channels and tributaries of the Amazon. Look out for monkeys, cackling macaws, sloths, dolphins, and other wildlife along the way.
  • Guided walks: Embark on guided walks through the rainforest and discover the many fascinating plant and animal species that call it home. Learn about this unique and fragile ecosystem, its medicinal plants, and the uses and customs of the native communities.
  • Kayaking and swimming: Take a refreshing dip in the river and paddle around in a kayak. Keep your eyes peeled for the famous pink dolphins known to swim in these waters.
  • Night excursions: Venture into the rainforest after dark and experience a different side of the jungle. Look out for nocturnal animals like owls, bats, and caimans.
  • Piranha fishing: Try your hand at catching these notorious Amazonian fish and keep an eye out for other wildlife that might be lurking nearby. This is a catch-and-release activity.
  • Onboard activities: Learn about the exotic fruits of the Amazon and sample them for yourself in a tropical fruit-tasting session. Join a Pisco Sour class and enjoy great fun with cajón and guitar.
  • Lectures: Learn from the onboard experts about the ecology and culture of the Amazon through informative lectures and documentaries.
  • Relaxation: Enjoy some time on the open-air observatory deck while you sip a refreshing drink and enjoy the stunning views of the Amazon River and the lush rainforest.

When is the best time to travel aboard the Delfin III Cruise?

So, what’s the best season to travel to the Amazon Rainforest aboard the Delfin III Luxury Cruise? This is a very common question we usually get from our travelers. When planning a cruise in the Peruvian Amazon, it is important to consider the two well-defined seasons. The growing river season from December to May, also known as the high-water season, offers the opportunity to see the Amazon in full splendor. The higher flow in rivers and streams allows the main cruise ship to navigate further into the heart of Pacaya Samiria. Skiffs can enter to explore all the streams while being closer to the top of the canopy trees allowing more wildlife sightings. However, you may experience more rain, humidity, and mosquitoes.

Delfin III Amazon Cruise

On the other hand, the emptying river season from June to November, also known as the low-water season, offers fewer rainy days, making it the best time for hiking and fishing for native species such as piranhas. This season is ideal for travelers that prefer to walk through the rainforest to discover its flora and fauna. Ultimately, the best season, according to several guides, is at the end of the rainy season (March, April, May), when the rivers and streams are still full but rain has stopped, giving it a mix of experiences from further navigation into the heart of Pacaya Samiria as well as walking exploration.

Delfin III Amazon Cruise

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a luxury cruise that offers an immersive and educational experience in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, look no further. So, whether it’s a family trip, your dream honeymoon, or a deep connection with nature, the Delfin III has it all. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime exploring one of the most diverse and incredible ecosystems on earth.

Check the details about the itinerary at the Delfin III here or send us a message to to start working on your next trip to the Peruvian Amazon!

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