Looking for our Terms & Conditions?

Unfortunately, we don’t have them. Yet, there is a very good reason for that. As you will have noticed, we are very passionate about our country and love to offer the best ways to experience it. We firmly believe that through tourism, we can help our country continue developing while offering you inspiring journeys beyond your expectations

We tailor experiences by working hard together with our local partners in each region. We make sure the money behind every journey positively impacts our local communities. We are proud to say that we are committed to responsible tourism, and we continuously work to provide fairer conditions for our collaborators and to protect our cultural and natural heritage.

Following our values, and before committing yourself with booking a trip with us, we would like to introduce you to our No Gimmicks Pledge. We believe that transparency and honesty are key to any good relationship. Hiding behind Reservation, Payment, and Cancellation Policies is not the right way to start organizing a holiday, so let’s get straight to it!

What does our No Gimmicks Pledge say? 

Booking & Payments

When booking a trip with us, we require a 20% up-front payment, a non-refundable deposit from you. Making this a non-refundable deposit guarantees you that we can prebook the best hotels, trains, guides, drivers, and coordinate with all the other many collaborators we have well in advance. Therefore, we guarantee you that we can provide the top-quality experience you are entitled to with us.

  • It is important to point out that there are scenarios in which the initial payment could be higher, for example, when flights are requested. In these cases, we will always let you know in advance and explain the reason for this. You will always be in control of your decisions.
  • We make your deposits non-refundable because we value all our collaborators’ hard work highly. Many of them work passionately long before you arrive to prepare for your trips. For guides, drivers, and many communities we work with, their time is just as valuable as yours or ours, and it is not easy to find new bookings when cancellations happen. These conditions allow us to rest assured that guides, communities, porters, field staff, and other partners, whose livelihoods depend on the tourism industry to produce income to support their families, receive the funds in advance and continue their commitment with responsible tourism.

Final payment. Just like with the initial down payment, the final trip payment is a non-refundable commitment from you and us to ensure that your fantastic holiday experience will happen. The final trip payment is always scheduled 30 days before you arrive.

We do understand that tailormade travel is not particularly cheap, and, in many cases, you are making a significant effort to visit our country. That’s the reason why we prefer to make our pledge very clear before you book. Having said this, we can also assure that you will always have the chance to talk to us about any issue you have concerning the trip. We will always be happy to try to help within our capacity and look for solutions. There will always be an empathetic person on our side, ready to listen to you when necessary. 


We do not have a policy stating that you can postpone your journey after booking. Throughout our time, we have allowed travelers on a case-by-case basis to postpone trips when unable to travel. We are a small, trusted tour operator, so there is not a computer generating an algorithm to decide your postponement policy or how lenient it will be – a human being is there. We will always do the best we can to help accommodate you without penalty. However, there might be charges corresponding to new services or penalties, such as entrance fees or non refundable tickets, that will be passed on to you.

Travel insurance

Being a responsible traveler is also about caring about yourself and your loved ones. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to guarantee that your investment is well protected in case of any unexpected situations. We do not add this to the cost of the deposit, but as your travel agency, we can recommend some options so that you can choose the one that best fits your necessities.

What can you expect from us?

When booking with Peruvian Soul, you are not hiring a conventional company. We see ourselves as a caring family, and we see you as our family guest. It will be up to us to show you our home, Peru. 

  • Our responsibilities begin long before you book. By the time we receive your first request, we are already working hard to offer you the most inspiring experience. We continue to do this throughout the booking process and during your stay with us in Peru. Even after your trip, we will still be here for you. 
  • We will continuously be available to answer any question you might have before, during, and after the trip. We will send all the necessary information to make sure your trip runs smoothly. Ten days before your service begins, you can expect the final trip documents with contact information, the names of your guides, and your schedule for each activity. Before you travel, we like to schedule video calls or regular phone calls, according to your preferences, to get to know each other, answer last-minute questions, and explain our travel documents. We want to guarantee that everything is absolutely clear and that you feel confident with all the information. 
  • Once your trip begins, we will contact you regularly to check how you are doing. We will be at your disposal 24/7 in case there is an emergency, or to solve any question you might have. All our partners share our philosophy, guaranteeing the same level of service at each destination. We are responsible and continuously looking out for the service you receive throughout your trip.  
  • Please be aware that when booking shared services, we guarantee to have the best available option. Moreover, the personalization or flexibility of this type of service will not always be the same when compared with private services prepared and arranged exclusively for you.  
  • Whether it is or isn’t your first time booking with us, traveling with Peruvian Soul is like traveling with true friends who will always take care of you, be loyal and honest. That’s why we want you to be fully informed and ready to proceed with your booking.
  • With us you will have a creative and caring travel specialist who loves working for you and will help you throughout your entire experience with us.

Our No Gimmicks Pledge may appear rather unconventional and even informal, but we are very meticulous and will not skip a detail in ensuring your safety, comfort and enjoyment.  We believe our approach reflects the soul of Peru – personal and professional.

We hope to welcome you to Peru very soon!


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