I’m crazily passionate about my country and really enjoy showing the best of our traditions, culture, and history. Since I was just a child, I discovered my passion for traveling. At the age of 10, I had my first land trip with my parents, which totally changed my vision of the world and motivated me to share this experience with others. I hope to have a long life in order to finish exploring my country, its rich cultural and historical treasures, of which I am so proud.

Jesus Martel

Sales Manager & Destination Expert


How did you get involved in travel?

At the age of 15, I asked my mates from school to travel to the central highlands; it was our first time traveling far from Lima and the beginning of a new adventure. Years later, I worked in tourism when I joined a company that was like a university for me, where I learned the basics. Then, in 2017, I traveled to Cusco, where I got to interact with foreign travelers, which made me improve my English skills and knowledge.

Most memorable trip

My most memorable trip was in the northern Amazon Rainforest. In 2017, I got to travel to the Loreto region, where I could explore the Pacaya Samiria Reserve from a boat. I had the luck to admire the majestic pink dolphin and other species in their natural habitat. I also remember when I, along with a teammate, kayaked along the rivers with the most stunning views I ever saw. It was a wonderful trip experience. I will never forget it!

cusco machu picchu


Favorite destination

Cusco is the destination I like to recommend, especially if this is the first time exploring our country and you wish to visit a really masterly sample of Inca engineering, then this is the place you should visit. I love Cusco since it feels very special to be there, in a little and enchanting destination, which offers a great variety of activities, from cultural, adventure to rural community experiences.


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