This 2015, we decided to bring a day of fun and entertainment to a remote community in our country, Alis. And, once again, it ended up different as planned.

As you may already know at this point, each December, we pack chocolate milk, Peruvian panettones, gifts, and so much fun to bring it to a local community near Lima. This year we decided to go to Alis, a small but lovely district part of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve. We choose this town since the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve is one of our favorite destinations, and where we promote community-based tourism. We wanted to say thank you to the local people who are always happy to receive our travelers and us.

As soon as we packed everything and summoned our friends and family to help us with this mission, we departed Lima on a 7-hour drive to Alis. We went on a caravan of 3 trucks, one behind the other, taking the 15 of us on this breathtaking route. Amazing scenery next to the Cañete River, small towns, and beautiful mountains until we arrived there. Since the journey is very long, we decided to depart on a Saturday morning and hold the event the morning after.

It’s Sunday already, and we started decorating the charming main square to receive the kids. We ran, played, and laughed a lot that morning, just before our special guest showed up, Papa Noel. Once Santa was in town, we all went crazy over him. He arrived with many toys for the kids, and as soon as they received them in their hands, they started playing with them. Actually, we all started playing with them, it was so much fun!

We ended our day tired, but happy. The Papanoel Trekero 2015 didn’t end up as planned, it ended up way better! It was the first Papanoel Trekero trip for some of our volunteers, but it definitely became a memorable experience.

Thanks to all the people that helped us this year and the companies that supported this wonderful trip.

See you next year!

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