It’s well-known that our most awaited trip of the year, Papanoel Trekero, is named after Santa. But, imagine what it would be like if Santa doesn’t go this year? Well, it is precisely what happened this year.

It’s finally that time of the year, and we are all so excited to start the Papanoel Trekero. This year we decided to change our usual destinations and go even further, we went to the high jungle in Central Peru. This area of Peru is fantastic, it can be hot, humid and full of forest, but if you travel a little further, you can find isolated mountains and hail, a beautiful destination!

We went to Prosoya Center this year, an organization in charge of the education, qualification, and integral formation of youth and teenagers in Huancabamba, Oxapampa. Choosing this place was definitely a challenge because we were used to focusing on children from 2 to 8 years old. However, this time we had a group of people from 14 to 18 years old that required a different approach. So, we did it! We prepared a fun competition and treasure hunt where we all could participate.

We had 4 groups, yellow, white, green, and blue, all together competing over just one treasure. And, let’s be honest, we all went crazy about it and did our best to be the winners of the day! This year the Papanoel Trekero, without Papanoel, took a complete turnabout and was one of the best we ever had!

Following the many challenges and competitions, it could just be one winner: the Green team! After the games, we all rested as we shared the gifts we brought for them as well as some school supplies that they will use the next year.

On our return route to Lima, we took a beautiful road that in just 5 hours crossed amazing different ecosystems. We started in the heart of the central jungle with its waterfalls, muddy roads, and lush vegetation, continuing upwards through the cloud forest until arriving at the highlands and the snowy peaks. We had a beautiful snow on the route at approximately 5,000 masl and finally descended all the way to the coastal desert and the endless dunes.

Many thanks to all the people that made this possible, as well as our sponsors. It has been an unforgettable Papanoel Trekero that will be very hard to beat.

See you next year!

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